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Nursing Courses Online

Services for the aging baby boomer generation is on the increase.  An area that is seeing an explosive growth is in nursing.  If your calling is to become a nurse, you are most likely in the process of searching for the right nursing courses.

There are many ways to get training as a nurse.  There are local colleges, universities and other educational institutions.  With connection to the internet, getting access to nursing courses on the internet is now even more easier and obtaining nursing degrees online is just a few clicks away.

In order to become a nurse, you need to graduate from a nursing program. Before applying for a nursing program, you first need to determine which area in nursing you are interested in.

Here are some nursing certifications/degrees:

* CNACertified Nursing Assistant – The time to attain a CNA is around 6 weeks.  This is ideal for those who are not sure if they want to become a nurse or not. Once you have your CNA, you can work as a nursing assistant and perform basic entry level type of work.

* LPNLicensed Practical Nurses – This allows you to have the most direct dealing with patients. Some of the tasks include applying bandages and dressings, performing injections and enemas, monitoring patients, collecting various samples for testing, feeding patients, etc.

* ADNAssociate Degree in Nursing – A program offered at the college level and lasts from 2 to 3 years. This program prepares the student for dealing with direct patient care.

* BSNBachelor of Science in Nursing – This is a 4 year course taken at the college/university level.  This can lead to leadership and management positions.  Many nursing positions requires a degree in BSN.  Like other discipline, you can go further in your studies to get a Master and even a PHD in nursing.  Of all the nursing degrees, this one often causes much confusion as there are many ways to get a BSN.  Even if you are already an RN, you may find out that you may need additional training to obtain a BSN.

* Master and PHD – If you really want to take your career and education up a notch, there are Master and PHD in nursing.  With these degrees, you have greater exposure to administration, education, consulting, and research positions.

Other types of nursing programs include radiology, rehabilitation, forensic, aids care, anesthetist.

Types of nursing degrees online

The method we are focusing on here is online nursing courses.  The advantage of having access to nursing courses online is that you can follow the course at your own pace especially if you are working a day job.   If you have a tablet/laptop computer, you can have access to nursing courses anywhere. When researching online nursing programs, check to see what are the timeframes in which you need to complete each modules and how long you are given to do your assignments.

Equally important is how to contact the intructor should you need help.  Having access to nursing courses online means that you will not be interacting with people.  Some programs may require that you do the theory portion online but any practical (clinical), hands-on be done in a real hospital.

There are also the so called “accelerated” nursing programs that claims you can get your degree in less than a year.  Taking this type of access to nursing courses require that you be focused, studious and handing in your assignments on time.

One thing you need to take into consideration with online nursing courses is if the online training is “live” or not.  This means you need to be online with everyone else at a specific time so that you can participate in discussions with your virtual fellow classsmates and follow live lectures by the professor.

We hope that this article wil help you in your search for nursing degrees online.